January 24, 2008

Cast and Crew

Introducing… the cast of Permanent Collection! Standing from left to right Tanya Johnson (Kanika Weaver), Joe Powers (Alfred Morris), Valerie J. Ludwig (Ella Franklin), Walter Murray (Sterling North), Seema Sueko (Artistic Director), John Tessmer (Paul Barrow), seated left to right Debra Wanger (Gillian Crane), and Elizabeth Stephens (Stage Manager).

You will hear from all of us at some point through rehearsals and production on our individual experiences in dealing with this powerful show.

Stay tuned…


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  1. John Tessmer Says:

    It is fascinating for an actor to work on such rich, profound material. Every scene, almost every moment of every scene contains multiple layers of meaning; the trick is to play the best layer on the top, and let the other layers work underneath it…. You do your utmost, through the rest of your portrayal of a character, to depict the complex human being your character is. In this case, given what a phenomenal job Thomas Gibbons has done, our jobs –while still incredibly challenging– at the same time become easier, as the playwright has written/CREATED truly three-dimensional characters.

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