February 7, 2008

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In celebration of Black History Month and the premiere of Permanent Collection, Mo`olelo will collaborate with legendary local artist and activist Mario Torero of Fuerza Mundo www.fuerzamundo.org to curate a two- part art exhibition entitled ARTE NEGRO. The exhibit will feature the work of the late Guillermo Acevedo as well as such local artists from San Diego and Los Angeles as: Mario Torero, George Alphonso Walker, George Alphonso Walker,  Andrea Rushing, Armando de la Torre,  Tomas Gayton,  Imayah, Crol and more.  

The first part of the exhibit will be at the Fuerza Gallery in North Park, located at 4212 Florida St, San Diego, CA 92104. The reception will be on Saturday, February 16 from 7:00- 10:30 PM. The Second part will be in the lobby of10th Avenue Theatre, 930 Tenth Avenue, and it will be open for visitors to Permanent Collection  from , Februrary 21 until March 16, 2008. For more information email please mariotorero@hotmail.com or keenan@moolelo.net.


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