Opening Night Party Pics

February 28, 2008


This party is happening! Wine and cheese anyone??

Pat and Deb

Pat Launer and Deb Wanger..the real life reporter, and the one who plays one on stage!

 Seema and Felicia Shaw of the San Diego Foundation…Seema wasn’t stressed out that night..I swear!

 Wow..How great was Opening Night? For all of those who made it..Thank you for making it a wonderful night. We had friends and family come out to support, and what a riveting performance..I guess you had to be there..huh? Well, I’ll tell you, if you haven’t seen the show yet, this weekend would be a good time to come. Saturday, we’re going to have a very interesting post-show discussion with Derek Cartwright and Vas Prabhu of the San Diego Museum of Art, they will be accompanied by local art critic Robert Pincus. They are giving the low-down of the oft misunderstood world of the museum…don’t miss it! Sunday, should be interesting as well, as we’ve invited ACLU Executive Director Kevin Keenan to host a post-show discussion following the matinee performance. As always, you will get to see some excellent art work at our ARTE NEGRO gallery curated by local artist Mario Torero. So, if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, there are a few left, but they are going fast…click here for details. Til next time..


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