The week after

March 22, 2008


Mo`olelo’s next production, Susan Yankowitz’s NIGHT SKY, will run this August/September. People often ask us, “What are you going to do in your downtime?” Which makes us all chuckle at Mo`olelo…. there really isn’t any downtime. We just switch from 17-hour days to 12-hour days in our “downtime”. So here are some of the items on the Mo`olelo To-Do list over the next few months before the public sees NIGHT SKY:

– Write project reports and grant reports for PERMANENT COLLECTION

– Send thank you notes to key stakeholders involved with PERMANENT COLLECTION

– Write and edit our next Newsletter, scheduled to be online by mid-April

– Update our fundraising brochure

– Teach a playwriting class

– Hire the artistic team for NIGHT SKY, and begin developing the design concepts

– Apply for grants and funding support for NIGHT SKY — need to raise approximately $40,000 more

– Develop the education outreach program for NIGHT SKY

– Write the teacher study guide for NIGHT SKY

– Book groups, businesses and associations for NIGHT SKY

– Dramaturgical research for NIGHT SKY

– Work on miscellaneous things that I’m not allowed to discuss publicly yet 🙂

egads! What am I doing writing this post? I better get to work…


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