March 26, 2008

We love hearing feedback from our audiences…. Here’s what some of them wrote about Permanent Collection: 

[The play] did more to illuminate the core of why the concept of diversity can not only address the negatives of racism but how it might be explored creatively, positively and through the eyes of the general Arts community.

“I saw Permanent Collection last night…Some of the play I liked a lot. Some made me want to scream. That of course was the dialog with which I disagreed, a lot. But then, as the play suggested, I reckoned that was part of the purpose of the play – to see things, at least for a few moments, through the eyes of others. I think that makes for a really provocative evening at the theater. You and Mo`olelo do good work.”


Loved it! Strong, dynamic and diverse opinions spawned great communication! 

Great pre-show workshop – also gets kids opportunity to “care” about future production – meeting director is special.

If you have feedback, send it on over. We’d love to read it.


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