Greening our theaters

March 28, 2008

DramaBiz March 2008

Mo`olelo launched a greening initiative in 2007.  Check out the March 2008 issue of DramaBiz for a great article on some of the green theater work being done nationwide:

Going Green Can Mean Saving Green
for Innovative Theatres
From new building construction to making small changes in daily operations, theatres are saving money and gaining positive reactions from patrons and the press

The sort of people who ply their trade in the theatre are generally the same sort who embrace conservational and environmental causes—people seeking to enrich human understanding and make the world a better place.

Exactly how to go about embracing these goals while plying one’s trade, however, can be a bit of a conundrum.

“Right now, the way theatre production exists in the world is built around an ecologically unsustainable model,” notes Ian Garrett, a student at the California Institute of the Arts who is helping develop a sustainable theatre curriculum. “Things go up for such a limited time that it becomes more about ‘I need it for this amount of time, and I need it to be cheap.’ Looking at things that last a long time doesn’t necessarily factor into it.”

As if to underscore our discipline’s potential wastefulness, England’s The Guardian newspaper ran a story last year about the ecological damage caused by theatrical tours that asked if theatre may not be “the eco-vandal of the arts world.”

Read the rest of the article here:


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