What!?! No Special Treatment?

April 20, 2008

With the NIGHT SKY auditions coming up, everyone involved with casting decisions has received phone calls and emails from actors saying things like, “You know my work, can I just come to the callback?” I think people are surprised to find out that even the Equity actors who Mo`olelo has hired on multiple occasions have to audition at the initial call — no one’s getting a free pass to callbacks. Why? Well, we try our best to create an even playing field for everyone. It’s unfair to the folks we’ve never met if all the folks we’ve worked with in the past get an instant callback and fill up all those slots. For those who feel a little indignant about this policy, think of it this way, we are helping you make sure that your audition skills and audition muscles never deteriorate. What happens when you finally get called in for a major LORT or Broadway audition, but the last audition you ever did was years ago because all your friends have been casting you without an audition? You’ll be at a disadvantage. Auditioning, whether you like it or not, is a major part of the business… Joanna Merlin in her book “Auditioning: An actor-friendly guide,” writes that it’s the biggest part of the actor’s job. Hope this helps to explain why we do things the way we do at Mo`olelo. By the way, I highly recommend Merlin’s book — no matter how long you’ve been in the business, her book is full of terrific insight and audition strategies.


One Response to “What!?! No Special Treatment?”

  1. Steph Diaz Says:

    I’m glad you guys do this! Wish the Chicago folks would… it’s awfully hard to get a fair shake here, when everything gets pre-cast. I know people who haven’t had to do a monologue in years and years!

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