Resident Theatre Company at La Jolla Playhouse!

April 27, 2008

 (Photo by K.C. Alfred, Union-Tribune)

Mo`olelo selected as the inaugural Resident Theatre Company at La Jolla Playhouse!

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‘Ecstatic’ about link to Playhouse

Mo’olelo gets a nice boost as a ‘Resident Theatre’  
CLASSICAL MUSIC CRITIC, The San Diego Union-Tribune 
April 27, 2008
San Diego’s Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company – the 4-year-old troupe known for socially relevant and emotionally searing productions – is the La Jolla Playhouse’s newly appointed Resident Theatre Company, launching a groundbreaking initiative that will shine the spotlight on up-and-coming ensembles.
As resident company at one of the region’s leading arts institutions, Mo’olelo (pronounced “mo-oh-leh-low”) will present two productions during the Playhouse’s 2008-09 season. While the Playhouse won’t provide artistic direction or funding, it will supply rent-free performance space, advice about marketing and development, and information about Mo’olelo in its season brochure.
“We are ecstatic – and that’s an understatement,” said Seema Sueko, the actress-director-playwright-producer who is Mo’olelo’s co-founder and artistic director. “It will be a transformative experience for us.”
Her group was selected from nine local companies, all of whom submitted applications detailing their operations and explaining how they would make use of the opportunity.
“There’s a wealth of theatrical energy in San Diego – it’s really a hotbed,” said the Playhouse’s new artistic director, Christopher Ashley, who’s now in his first season at the prestigious institution. “Many groups move from space to space because they cannot afford a permanent home. It’s hard for them to get an identity and continuity. So, this is a perfect match. We’ll pick one company a year and show how special they are.”
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One Response to “Resident Theatre Company at La Jolla Playhouse!”

  1. Aisha Says:

    Congratulations on a well-deserved honor.

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