May 28, 2008

Today we received a wonderful surprise in the Mo`olelo PO Box: a $5,000 anonymous donation to be applied for general operating expenses! The donation came from a donor advised fund through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. We have absolutely no idea who the person(s) behind the contribution may be, but on the chance that the generous donor happens to stumble upon our blog, we’d like to say a huge MAHALO to you! The donation will be put to very good use. Raising funds for general operating expenses is one of the more difficult things for us to do as most donors prefer to fund projects. However, behind all those projects are general operating costs like workers comp and other insurance, payroll taxes, office rent and supplies, administrative salaries, etc., and these items really add up. Paying the Social Security employer contributions or buying reams of recycled copier paper may not seem glamorous, but these and other operating expenses ensure that our projects can take place. So, to the anonymous and generous benefactor, thank you, thank you truly from the bottom of our hearts. You’ve done so much to help us advance our mission.


One Response to “Anonymous”

  1. Keenan Says:

    That’s great! Congrats..I hope all is going well in preparations for Night Sky!

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