night sky superheroes

June 12, 2008

I was honored to spend the morning with Jane LaFazio and Don Strom today. They may look like everyday people in this photo, but behind the “couple next door” exterior are two superheroes. Don survived a brain aneurysm in 1992 that rendered him aphasic, and Jane is an amazing mixed media artist (check out her work here: Together they navigated through the journey of brain injury recovery and aphasia… a journey which changed them both, but which they did together. They are model for how a couple can face a crisis and not only survive, but grow.

In an effort to help me understand the character of Anna in NIGHT SKY, Don demonstrated his reading, shared his notes and exercises from the past few years, and chatted about aphasia with me. Jane shared her experiences and perspective as the spouse of an aphasic.

Thanks to Jane and Don, I’m starting to crystalize some ideas about Anna.



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