Next Show in Residence: GOOD BOYS

September 24, 2008

Mo`olelo’s next show in residence at La Jolla Playhouse will be:

Good Boys
by Jane Martin
May 21 – June 14, 2009

A fierce encounter between fathers, one black and one white, opens a deeply disturbing chapter in their lives. The men relive the school shooting in which their sons died, one a victim and the other the shooter. When racial issues threaten to derail all hope for understanding and forgiveness, the black father’s other son takes matters into his own hands. Good Boys explores the pressures of modern family life and asks to what extent are parents responsible for their children’s behavior and how do we forgive and heal?

Advance Ticket Vouchers
Limited time offer, available through 12/31/2008
Save up to $17 by purchasing an advance ticket voucher for Good Boys. The vouchers cost $18 and are good for any performance of Good Boys. Voucher holders will be notified first as soon as our reservation system for Good Boys is up and running.

To order a voucher, mail a check ($18/voucher) payable to Mo`olelo to:
PO Box 710564
San Diego, CA 92171-0564
Please be sure to include your mailing address, phone and email. Your voucher will be mailed to you.

Or call 619-342-7395 to order over the phone.


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