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November 23, 2008

We received the surveys from the students at High Tech High International who participated in Mo`olelo’s Three Part Arts Education Outreach Program for NIGHT SKY. Three Part Arts is Mo`olelo’s unique education program that includes: Part One: a pre-show prep visit by the leading actor to the students’ classroom, followed by Part Two: the students’ fieldtrip to the theater to see the play (they see the exact same play that our general public sees — actors aren’t switched out, there is no dumbing down nor cutting of the script); and Part Three: a post-show workshop. For NIGHT SKY the teachers selected either a theater post-show workshop facilitated by the leading actor of the play, or a science and disability awareness post-show workshop that was developed by Mo`olelo, the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, Sharp Health Care Rehabilitation Services, and Disability Awareness Network. High Tech High International selected the science and disability awareness post-show workshop. Here are some of their remarks from their surveys:

I liked how real the play was. I think the actors conveyed the emotions and real life situations very well. The workshop also added to this realism and was highly emotional. I enjoyed it very much.

I originally was never interested in theatre, but this play changed my perspective.

I learned that the power of words is huge. Words have a lot more meaning when they come from the heart. I can relate this to my english class because we are working with words and getting our messages passed.

I liked the fact that brain injury survivors came in to let us know about their experiences and teach us that words are important.

I learned a lot. I’ve never been educated on brain injuries and the effects of them. It’s important that people are educated on this topic.

From the play, I loved the emotion that was shown from every character. The workshop was very thorough in helping clarify any questions that I might have had. It made me want to be part of theatre as well as make me want to express myself the same way.

It was engaging even though it was educational! Great job, great program.


2 Responses to “survey says…”

  1. We should do a photodocumentary of the outreach program someday, and use it to support your fundraising efforts. Think about it, could be pretty cool.

  2. What a great process for engaging youth in the theatre; it’s not just throwing them into a show. Nice work.

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