Good Boys – FIVE shows SOLD OUT!

February 25, 2009

Rehearsals don’t start until April 28, but people are already buying tickets to GOOD BOYS by Jane Martin.

Scheduled to run from May 21 – June 14 at The Mandell Weiss Forum Studio Theatre at La Jolla Playhouse, GOOD BOYS is the story of two fathers, one black and one white, who meet for the first time eight years after a school shooting in which both their sons died — one the victim and one the shooter. Through their emotionally charged exchanges, the men relive and struggle to make sense of the tragedy. But will racial tensions and the need for vengeance destroy any chance they have to find forgiveness and put their lives back together? GOOD BOYS explores difficult questions about parenting, responsibility and healing in an age when school violence is all too common.

Groups that have already booked their tickets to see the show include: Blue Summit Financial Group, The Tariq Khamisa Foundation, and Pearson Publishing.

To order tickets, visit or call 619-342-7395.


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