Special Offer from Where You Want To Be Tours!

May 10, 2009

Where You Want To Be Tours has a special offer for Mo`olelo audiences!  Anyone who purchases tickets to Good Boys will save $30 on their June 5th scavenger hunt.  Part of the hunt will relate to the themes covered in the play.
From Where You Want To Be Tours:
“If you’re into adventure and seeing great sights, you’ll love our Scavenger Hunts! Our Scavenger Hunts not only allow your people to get to know one another better, they’ll learn a few new things about themselves. And the best part? They get to do it in a fun atmosphere and check out beautiful San Diego all at the same time! Our Scavenger Hunt focus on team bonding, problem solving and time management but they’re also about enjoying the little things in life and having a blast!
From cool roof-top lounges to hip hotels, quirky boutique shops and amazing views… your group will see it all.  And you don’t need to be a super hero to do one of our hunts. It’s designed so that anyone can do it!  Each team will be accompanied by a trained team leader from Where You Want To Be Tours.  Team leaders will help keep the team on the right track and keep score. Creative photography also plays a big role. Each team will receive a camera so they can take colorful photos throughout the journey.  Where You Want To Be Tours will provide you with a fun photos after the event.
Following the Scavenger Hunt, an upbeat Awards ceremony will be held. Prizes will be awarded to the team with the highest score and outstanding individual players.”
Date of Scavenger Hunt: June 5, 10 AM – 1 PM
Length of Scavenger Hunt:  2 hours followed by an Awards ceremony which lasts approximately 20 minutes.  It’s always fun to end your event at a cool roof-top lounge or nice restaurant!  *The entire event takes approximately 3 hours.
Special Cost for Mo`olelo customers:  $30 per person
More info/registration: 619-917-6037 and menkin@wheretours.com

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