mike lawler

May 12, 2009

Mo`olelo owes a lot to Mike Lawler, the man behind the ecoTheater blog.

Back in 2007, he was one of the first journalists to write about Mo`olelo’s GREEN Theater Categories and Sustainable Guidelines, and he attached a name to the work we do at Mo`olelo: solving for pattern. I had never heard of this phrase before I e-met Mike. Solving for pattern is a concept coined by Wendell Berry. It’s the idea of taking a holistic approach to solving problems and minimizing the creation of new problems. Mike wrote an entry on his blog in August 2007 describing Mo`olelo’s approach as solving for pattern. Finally! Mike helped Mo`olelo with something we had been struggling with for a long time: how to explain that our commitments to paying Equity wages to local artists, representing diverse communities on stage, engaging in in-depth community outreach and education programs, and discovering ways to create theater that doesn’t cause long-term damage to the environment were all fueled by the same fire: our mission to serve our community.

Mike has a number of new and wonderful projects he’s engaged in now. You can read about them here.

I consider Mike a driving force behind the authentic green theater movement. Keep your eye on him if you want to know the latest in this area.

Cheers to Mike!


One Response to “mike lawler”

  1. lawler Says:

    Thanks, Seema. Cheers to Mo’olelo!

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