audience feedback on GOOD BOYS

May 29, 2009

Here’s what some of the preview audiences of GOOD BOYS have written about the show:

 I was totally spellbound by your production of “Good Boys” (I almost said “blown away” — black humor at its worst!) It was a very intense and tense 90 minutes, vividly describing conflicting destructive behaviors and human emotions, and raising so many questions about parenting, the environment for teens, stereotypes, glorification of violence, revenge and forgiveness, etc. . All 5 actors created very realistic and nuanced characters, showing their frustration and rage and also their need for understanding, respect and liking or love. By the end, it was difficult to label any of them as “bad” people because they were each victims.

Good Boys was extremely powerful and performed perfectly.  I absolutely loved it!  I think it would be a great show to “take on the road” to high schools. Thanks for producing and performing such an important play-I’m so glad I was able to attend!   

The production was powerful…And there were so many themes to consider – the whole concept of forgiveness, of course, and then parenting, role of religion, bullying in schools, access to guns, and racial tension at the bottom of everything.

Once again you have awed me with the strength and potency of your production.  The acting and direction were fabulous.  The play very thought provoking.

My daughter and I were both very touched by the performance of “Good Boys”.  Each Mo’olelo performance we have seen has surpassed the previous.  In the beginning portions of the play, I sat thinking, hhmm, interesting.  By the end I was crying and absolutely speechless. 

You did it again! A fabulous play and direction. A truly moving and powerful theatre experience.

Thank you for a beautiful theatre production!  It was gratifying to experience.

I think the writing, the direction, the acting, and the stage design of this play was incredibly wonderful!!  I am a play subscriber, and seldom does a play suck me into center stage in five minutes and leave me in absolute tears at the conclusion.  I was seated in the back row and I was grateful to have had the time to collect myself at the end of this production.  I am also the mother of a 19 year-old boy and have traveled some ground that was not so fun.

Because this play was a composite of real life tragedies,  made the questions we might ask ourselves that more complicated:  “What would we do?”  “What if …”  “How did we … or are we responsible… was there a genetic disconnect?”  and the shear grief that so many of us that are unrelated to an event such as this experience.  Us readers of the newspaper, we grieve when we hear these things.

I have been talking and writing about this production since I’ve seen it Wednesday.  This intimate production hit a core part of me and it still brings me to tears.  It is real and tangible and I applaud all the actors of this play that brought their best performance to this incredible production.

INFO at and 619-342-7395.




2 Responses to “audience feedback on GOOD BOYS”

  1. Liz Says:

    An excellent production, true to life, moving and spell-binding. I am relieved and encouraged to learn that you dialogue with high school students to help them work through the miriad issues they silently battle. Keep up the outstanding work.

  2. mario Says:

    the main one thing i was expecting from this show was a message o inspiration to rather than a dark message which would of been of no use to me .one day before the show i had been to a different show in carlsbad which i liked but it may ponder if i really want to major in theather because it was dark with lots of sexual comments and no meaning to me of inspiration but when i saw this play it turned my mind around and i thought to myself theather might not be a bad inviroment to be a round .

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