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June 4, 2009

Pam Kragen of North County Times wrote a terrific review of GOOD BOYS…

REVIEW: Moving ‘Good Boys’ mirrors real-life San Diego tragedy

By PAM KRAGEN – | Wednesday, June 3, 2009 9:09 AM PDT

Since its creation five years ago, Mo’olelo Performing Arts has produced a series of plays about social, political and medical issues that tie into the San Diego community at large. None has been more relevant than the company’s current show —- “Good Boys,” a moving one-act drama about the repercussions of gun violence that mirrors a real-life tragedy that occurred in San Diego 14 years ago.

“Good Boys” is the fictional story of two fathers who are brought together by their shared pain. One father’s son has killed the other’s son, and both ultimately find healing in their shared forgiveness. That’s strikingly similar to the true story of Tariq Khamisa, a 20-year-old San Diego pizza deliveryman who was shot and killed in 1995 by 14-year-old gang member Tony Hicks (who was tried as an adult and sent to prison). In the aftermath of the tragedy, Khamisa’s father, Azim, contacted Hicks’ grandfather, Ples Felix, and together they formed a foundation in Tariq’s name that teaches nonviolence and gang alternatives in San Diego elementary and middle schools.

So as topical fare, “Good Boys” is local and timely, and as drama, Jane Martin’s gripping, 90-minute play is intensely moving and cathartic. The play, in production through June 14 at the La Jolla Playhouse’s Mandell Weiss Forum Studio, should be a must-see for teens in at-risk areas. It offers a powerful lesson on the enduring shock waves that senseless gun violence can leave in its wake.

Read the rest here…


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