hooray for Pat!

June 5, 2009

Pat Launer’s review of GOOD BOYS from San Diego News Network:


…….Seema Sueko, founding artistic director of Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company, loves to explore and lay bare complex social issues, engaging the community in dialogue and debate, raising awareness and consciousness. She has scored again. Bull’s eye. Partnering with the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, dedicated to preventing bullying and violence in schools, and the Jenna Druck Foundation, which provides support to bereaved families who’ve lost a child, Mo’olelo is reaching out to school kids, both as audience (for special matinee performances) and as participants (collages, hanging outside the theater, were created by Hoover High School students in response to the play). This is what theater was meant to do: inform, inspire, question values, alter perspectives and hopefully, change minds. The talk-back after the performance I attended was exceptional; the comments were incisive, the contributors ranging from a parent who’d lost a child, to folks who’d grown up around guns and can’t understand their gross misuse by young people today. The origins of violence were discussed; of course, no resolutions were reached, but it was deeply moving to hear the thoughtful, heartfelt comments.

Both the issues and the performances ignited and intrigued the attendees. And what performances they were! Sueko cast exceptionally well, and guided a gifted ensemble through the seesawing emotions and shifting sympathies of this well-crafted play, which managed not to be overly melodramatic or neatly concluded like a movie-of-the-week. “Closure does not exist,” we’re rightly told.


read the entire review here.


One Response to “hooray for Pat!”

  1. Makes me want to see it again!

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