matching challenge met!

July 10, 2009

Mo`olelo is pleased to announce that the $10,000 anonymous matching challenge plus the $1,500 Hiel matching challenge were both met today! Mahalo to all who contributed:

Anonymous, John Allen, Doris Bittar, Janet Black-Yznaga, Nasser Barghouti, Desiree Bruce-Lyle, Joseph Capelli (in the name of Doris Tollefson), Charles & Rena Chamblee, Kay Chandler, Ellen Cherin, Larry & Sydney Cousins, Ibrahim Dayeh, Rodney Devereux, Catherine Filloux & John Daggett, Jean & Odette Filloux, Jennifer Fischer, Christopher Franke, Jill Hall, Charles Handley, Susan Harte, Patricia & David Hazlett, Joyce & Fred Hershenson, Kenji Treanor, Manny Keriokos, Laura & Robert Lauzier, Mike Lawler, Lanning Lee, Indra Lusero, Mariarosa Marshall, Donna Mather, Ree & Maurice Miller, Patricia Miyahara, Joann Mockbee, Patty Murray & Jeffrey Lee Campbell, William & Sueko Nakahara, Joan L. Nelson, Marion Nobel, Jack Oatman, Robert Parrington, Lois Pasquale, Lurrie Pfeffer, Garry & Patricia Prather, Elise Prosser, Anne & Robert Rast, Kim & James Richmond, Stuart & Linda Robinson, Elaine Salmon, Jay & Julie Sarno, Linda Schubert & David Getoff, Katherine Sheehan & Fred Walker, Russell H. Steppe, Cliff & Kay Sweet, N.J. Taylor, Pheobe & Gene Tesler, Mitsuo Tomita & Patricia Perkovich, Donna Valerie, Michelle Wheelock & Justin McGregor, Kristin Yoshimoto.


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