November 23, 2009

People often wonder what happens in between the Mo`olelo productions… are we on “downtime,” sitting around eating bonbons, taking long lunches? We wish that were the case, but the truth is that what appears to be our “downtime” is actually a very busy time at the Mo`olelo office. In between productions we’re:

  • writing grant applications — ticket sales cover roughly 30% of our operating costs, and so we reach out to foundations, corporations, governments and individuals to support the remaining costs.
  • community outreach meetings — meeting new communities and building trust so we can  gain their support on our future productions
  • strategic planning — The Board of Trustees engages in an annual Strategic Planning Session in December
  • developing curriculum, writing study guides for future education programs
  • fundraising
  • pre-production meetings for the next show
  • Finalizing the operating budget and calendar for the next year
  • Reading scripts for consideration for future productions
  • Group sales for the next production
  • Writing the semi-annual Newsletter
  • Thanking everyone who supported Mo`olelo in 2009.

Ok…back to work…


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