December 14, 2009

The Mo`olelo Board of Trustees held their annual strategic planning meeting this weekend, facilitated by Advisory Board member Michelle Wheelock*.

The meeting was a great success. The Board reviewed the accomplishments of the year:

  • Broadway recognition of Mo`olelo’s greening practices
  • Two productions that achieved 90% and 92% capacity in a recession year and also engaged new audiences
  • The launch and continued growth of our quasi endowment
  • The pilot of a nationally-recognized arts education program
  • A successful internal audit, new foundation support, the completion of the La Jolla Playhouse residency, our Birthday Bash at The Old Globe, we could go on and on.

It was clear that Mo`olelo’s productions and external relations have achieved good success and so the Board determined that they should focus their energies next year on strengthening the internal infrastructure of the Company. Throughout 2010 they’ll engage in board development activities  and board expansion efforts as well as fund and participate in an organizational capacity assessment that explores how we can ensure that Mo`olelo’s organizational structure is sustainable and strong.

It was a proactive and smart move on the Board’s part to concentrate on these areas in 2010.

…I love this Board!

* Mo`olelo’s annual Strategic Planning Session was facilitated by Advisory Board member Michelle Wheelock and the founder of Solseis Consulting. Michelle holds a MS in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University, and she specializes in helping companies to build organizational effectiveness through strategic planning, team building, coaching, etc. For more information on Solseis Consulting, contact Michelle at or 619-818-1717.


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