Ready or Not…

January 20, 2010

self (the remix) is coming!

Beginning on February 24, 2010 and running through March 21, the award-winning, rubber-face, uber-talented Robert Farid Karimi will descend on The 10th Avenue Theatre in Mo`olelo’s production of his semi-autobiographical, spoken word, hip hop play self (the remix). Accompanied by DJ D Double and directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang, Mr. Karimi weaves a tale of words, music and movement about an American child of Iranian and Guatemalan immigrants growing up in 1970s and 1980s California in the shadow of the Iranian crisis and Reganomics. It’s a story about a boy learning about manhood, nationhood and neighborhood.

 self (the remix) is a departure from “the norm” for Mo`olelo. It marks our first time working with the hip hop, spoken word form, and the first time we’ll be presenting rather than producing.

 “When Kim Palma and I co-founded Mo`olelo, Kim insisted that the words ‘performing arts’ be in our name rather than ‘theater company’,” recalled Artistic Director Seema Sueko. “She had worked extensively in dance, and she wanted to be sure that Mo`olelo never limited ourselves by only presenting traditional forms of theater.

 We can see how wise she was. The landscape of theater, arts, and audience is always transforming, and Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company has the room to be able to embrace new forms. Ms. Sueko saw an excerpt of Robert’s one-man-and-DJ show at the Asian American Theatre Festival in LA a few years ago, and was captivated by his poetry, humor, and storytelling. His tale of being mixed race and his search for identity resonates strongly with Mo`olelo’s mission to present diverse voices and our history of telling ‘outsider stories’.

 Robert Karimi and DJ D Double have been performing self (the remix) since 2001, from Anchorage to San Antonio, and Los Angeles to Chicago.  They change up the script a bit for each locale. They’ve also taught poetry, play creation, and hip hop turntable workshops. You can expect that this production will be like no other that you’ve seen at Mo`olelo, and yet speak directly to so many of the themes we’ve explored in past productions.


self (the remix)

February 24 – March 21, 2010

The 10th Avenue Theatre, 930 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Tickets & Information: or 619-342-7395

 [Karimi’s] poetry is structurally complex and elegant in style

–         Namak Magazine

 The only drawback… is that it only played two nights…[Karimi] tells his stories with great wit and snap, leaving the audience wanting more and eagerly awating his next visit.

–         Deborah Martin, San Antonio EXPRESS-NEWS


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