fear not the hip hop – feedback from preview week

March 2, 2010

Just completed week #1 of self (the remix) – over 500 folks caught the show, and here’s some of their feedback:

Karimi and the DJ allowed for a very entertaining, accessible production of tales from 70s & 80s that connected to anyone in the audience, no matter their nationality. I especially enjoyed the intertwining of the music which makes the show even more universal. Karimi maintained his energy throughout (hopefully he’s ingesting lots of protein powder) the production in a no-stop tour de force that connected to this audience of younger individuals, but will find a connection with the “older” crowd just as easily. Karimi’s boyish charm assists the time line and his energy level exhausted us all. Bravo! … This one smells like a hit.

Brilliant!  I enjoyed the theme and the way such a heavy topic was presented. …I’d love to attend more and have already spread the word.

Great Show last night… Robert had it “goin’-on!” It really made me think about identity and self in ways I had not imagined.

We LOVED it…the story was compelling, the music was fun and Robert’s energy was amazing.  It’s always nice to get a sitter and have an “adult” night out, but it was especially a treat to get to experience Mo`olelo.

And finally, we’d like to share the story of “B.”
B is an 80-something year old woman who was brought to the show with a friend. I was with her in the art gallery before the performance and she said “It sounds like there’s a lot of music in this show.”
I said “Yes! Do you like music?”
She frowned and said “Not loud music.”
So I explained that this show might be a little different for her.
Fast forward to the curtain call.
She came up to me gushing “I LOVED IT!”
“What about the music?” I asked her.
“That was the best part!”

So yes, fear not the hip hop. The music runs from the 1970s to the present, and what makes the show ‘hip hop’ is the sampling technique used by the DJ. If you’re over 35 – give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised as was “B” at how reflected she felt in the piece.


One Response to “fear not the hip hop – feedback from preview week”

  1. Fantastic to see the love being spread on here! Hip-hop for life!

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