Mo`olelo remembers Craig Noel & Raul Moncada

April 4, 2010

Dear Friends:

Yesterday we lost two important friends of Mo`olelo, Craig Noel, the Founding Director of The Old Globe, and Raul Moncada, who had been a Stage Manager, Playwright and worked in the Education Department at The Old Globe.

Both of these fine gentlemen played an important role in the beginning days of Mo`olelo. When the Company was just a bunch of ideas on a piece of paper, Mr. Noel generously agreed to meet with me. He challenged me and asked, “There are so many theaters in San Diego, why do you need to start yours?” I replied, “Well, none of them commit to paying Equity wages to local actors.” Mr. Noel smiled slyly, “You’re right. We need that. Do it.” And with his blessings, Mo`olelo was formed.

In 2004, when we were workshopping our inaugural play, remains. Raul Moncada agreed to facilitate the post-show discussion after one of our first public readings. He deftly sifted through audience feedback and guided the discussion so it would be useful for me. He read the script and provided additional dramaturgical advice. And a few months later, we launched Mo`olelo with the inaugural production of remains in September 2004.

Thank you Craig and Thank you Raul for being so generous with your time, wisdom and support. You are remembered and you are loved.


Seema Sueko
Co-Founder & Artistic Director

a lovely article about Craig Noel by Pam Kragen can be found here:


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