producing post-mortem

July 2, 2010

This past Tuesday, June 29, Mo`olelo’s Artistic Director, Seema Sueko, led a workshop at the Actors Alliance of San Diego on Producing Theatre in San Diego. The room was packed with founders and staff of theater companies, actors, playwrights and community members.

Seema distributed and reviewed a four-page, 89-step spreadsheet on The Mo`olelo Model of producing and community engagement, and the participants had a chance to ask their questions on everything from marketing (a word we never use at Mo`olelo), to union processes, to community outreach (something we do a lot of at Mo`olelo).  Here’s some of the feedback from the workshop:

“This is the high quality programming that I believe Actors Alliance needs to provide to the theatre community… thank you for a flawless presentation and the handouts. I am certainly impressed with your breath of knowledge on the topic.”

“Thank you so much for sharing so many insights and the amazing wealth of information with all of us!!!  I speak for all of us when I say it was FANTASTIC!!!”

“Thank you so much for doing this workshop!  It was incredibly helpful to us and we really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, resources and business model.  Your operating structure is one of the most artistically and financially effective models that we’ve seen.  It’s very impressive.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation.  You crammed a lot of valuable information in a very short time…. Many useful insights.”

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the four-page handout, please make a donation to Mo`olelo and we’ll mail it to you. You may donate online here:, or mail a check payable to Mo`olelo to PO Box 710564, San Diego, CA 92171-0564.

Since the workshop, a few of the participants have contacted Mo`olelo for follow up meetings about their specific projects. Mo`olelo is available to consult on your productions and community outreach. Call us at 619-342-7395 to discuss.


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