animate, electrify, inflame, spark… challenge

July 14, 2010

$7,500 Dollar for Dollar Matching Challenge
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Susan deRose, our newest Board member, and her husband, Advisory Board Member Robert deRose, have announced a Mo`olelo matching challenge! For every dollar we can raise by yearend they will donate another dollar up to $7,500! The funds will be used to expand Mo`olelo’s development capacity through a new grant writer position.

“We’ve been coming to Mo`olelo since 2007,” said Susan deRose. “We believe in their work, both on stage and in the community. All of their plays include very significant social messages that are important to all of us today. Their past production on the impact of brain injury, Night Sky, is what initially got us involved. Then we learned about their mission: bringing light to important social issues. Let’s work together to make this model organization even stronger. There are social concerns that need to be voiced and Mo`olelo hits the mark.”

Other social matters Mo`olelo has tackled over the past few years include youth violence through our production of Good Boys; the challenges facing veterans returning from war through our production of A Piece of My Heart; and issues about race and representation through our productions of Permanent Collection, Since Africa, and Cowboy Versus Samurai.

Beyond our stage productions, Mo`olelo engages in significant community outreach and arts education work. “It is so important for all of us to support the awareness programs they develop for San Diego theatre. I know of no other organization so dedicated to this cause,” commented Robert deRose.

To help Mo`olelo meet this challenge, you may donate online here, call 619-342-7395 with a credit card, or mail a check to: Mo`olelo, PO Box 710564, San Diego, CA 92171-0564. Mo`olelo is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Read about our giving levels and donor benefits here.

 Mahalo to the deRoses!

 …awaken, call, enliven, foment, incite, kindle, rally, thrill… CHALLENGE


2 Responses to “animate, electrify, inflame, spark… challenge”

  1. nowell wisch Says:

    I would love to send a donation if you would put a PayPal button on your site somewhere that is easy to find. You have so many different links to this funding request that it is confusing and I don’t have the time to hunt down a way to give you money.

    If you really want my money, make it easy for me to give to you.

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