Stick Fly Auditions

August 29, 2010

Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company is holding auditions for its 2011 production of STICK FLY by Lydia Diamond. Complete details are below.

Production: STICK FLY by Lydia Diamond

Director: Robert Barry Fleming

Audition Date/Time: Monday, September 20, 2010, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Callback Date/Time: Monday, September 27, 2010 

Production Dates:
First Rehearsal- January 25, 2011
Previews begin – February 23, 2011
Closing- March 20, 2011

Contact Information:
EPA rules can be found here: 
No calls or emails please.

Pay Rate: Equity SPT Cat 5 Contract: $328/week, plus health and pension; non-Equity actors are paid the same weekly rate of $328

Location of Audition:
Dance Place San Diego
2650 Truxtun Road, Studio 201
San Diego, CA 92106


Seeking Equity and non-Equity actors local to San Diego for Mo`olelo’s production of STICK FLY by Lydia Diamond.

 The script can be found on

 EPA rules will be in effect for this audition. You may find them here: Signups for the auditions begin at 9:00 AM on Sept. 20. Non union actors are strongly encouraged to attend and every effort will be made to see you.

Please prepare a brief contemporary monologue and bring your current picture and resume.

 Character Breakdown/Description:

 *All roles are African-American except where specifically noted.

 Kent (Spoon) – 31, youngest son of the LeVay family.  He has grown up with an artistic disposition in a family of doctors and lawyers.  Though financially privileged, he has struggled to find his place in life and with his family.  He loves Taylor, and though she may not see it, his gentleness is a valuable ingredient in their relationship.

Taylor 27.  Daughter from an earlier marriage of renowned public intellectual, James Bradley Scott.  She was raised by a single mother college professor.  Though she carries his name, and so has had entrée to some social privileges, her father was not a part of her life.  She also has gone without financially.

Cheryl – 18-22, The daughter of the family maid.  Pretty, bright, always well-intentioned.  Cheryl has always had a crush on Flip.

Flip – 36, oldest son of LeVay family.  The “golden boy” who, with some compromises, has fallen in line with his father’s expectations.  He is an incorrigible ladies man.

Joe LeVay (Dad) -58-62, LeVay patriarch.  He is a well-intentioned man, who rules his family with a firm, loving hand.  He, like Flip, has always had a way with women.

Kimber –  32, White.  Kimber is an intelligent woman with a quick wit and sincere warmth.  Unlike Taylor, her social status matches that of the LeVays, with of course, the undeniable privilege of whiteness.  Of this she is aware, and on some level appalled.


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