answers from the universe art show

September 24, 2010

The resident artists of The 10th Avenue Arts Centre, Adam Lewis Smith, Gerald Montoya, and Theresa Wear, along with invited artist, Clyde Yoshida, present “Answers from the Universe“, an eclectic collection of art and photography, interconnected by nature, pattern, texture, and vibrant color. The exhibit will run concurrent with Mo`olelo’s “Yellow Face” at the 10th Avenue Theatre, October 3-31, 2010.

The show’s theme,  “Answers from the Universe”, comes from  invited artist, Clyde Yoshida.  A gifted painter, singer-song writer, teacher, and author, Clyde’s philosophy of life, and profession as an educator and artist,  come together in this latest series of paintings.

Adam Lewis Smith is a Southern California based artist recognized as “Photographer of the American Natural”. An accomplished outdoorsman, Smith ‘s enthusiasm for nature, wildlife, and the environment are reflected in his distinct form of photography ,which captures an exciting world of pattern, color, light, and texture.

Theresa Wear, creator at Yokibug, specializes in both graphic and organic art, encompassing 20 years of commissioned work, both private and commercial; her most recent being a series of murals for Trader Joe’s Market. Theresa’s love of travel and the ocean are the inspiration behind her current collection of paintings.

Gerald Montoya ‘s colorful body of abstract works evoke pure positive emotion. A seasoned artist, his paintings reflect his expertise with the palette knife, and passion for life through depth, texture and layering of bold and vibrant colors. “Answers from the Universe” is Gerald’s inaugural exhibit as curator.

Opening for the artists, a Wine and Cheese Rooftop Reception, will be held on Sunday, October 3, from 6-10 pm, 930 Tenth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.


One Response to “answers from the universe art show”

  1. Rick Says:

    This diverse exhibit of miriad talent is a feast for the eyes! Four diverse, yet synchronized artists converge to display a plethora of color and emotion.
    Unlike most multi-artist exhibits, the works of art are not displayed as single artist groupings; one, next one, next one, etc. but rather grouped, comingled, with a balance of color and theme and symmetry that evokes individual ‘collections’ of art, rather than the usual gallery display. You will at times think two pieces in a grouping must be by the same artist, only to find that’s not the case. And yet, with the solid cohesion of these works collectively, the four artists have only very recently had their orbits cross in this giant universe.

    Seeing the red dot “sold” indicators at a growing number of the pieces almost makes one think of a litter of puppies, or more comparative– a set of fine china being separated into individual pieces as favorites are chosen by the diverse group who have experienced this stunning gallery display. No doubt they each wondered if they should purchase their favorite—-and the ‘Answers From the Universe’ came as a resounmding “yes”.

    Do yourself a favor, and see this exhibit by Oct. 31 before it leaves.

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