A Shout Out To Our Sponsor

September 25, 2010

We’d like to extend a heart-felt thank you to our Opening Night Sponsor, The North County Quality of Life Center (http://www.ncqualityoflife.com/), for their contribution and commitment to making Opening Night such a fun and special evening! When asked why the Center decided to sponsor the Opening Night of Yellow Face, co-founder Kristin Singh stated, “I attended the sneak peek reading of Yellow Face back in August, and immediately went home to Neil and said we need to support this production in some way. I was so impressed with the actors and the script, and can’t wait to see the full production. We are both Asian – I am Japanese/Caucasian and Neil is Indian – and the themes in this play really hit home for us.”

The North County Quality of Life Center is dedicated to helping people with special needs achieve the quality of life they deserve. The Center works with individuals with disabilities and their families in identifying their hopes, dreams, and long-term goals in areas like employment, social and leisure activities, education, housing, etc. and create action plans to help them achieve these goals. The Center also helps families document all of the client’s important information, such as cultural history, medical needs, financial records, and agency linkages in order to create a comprehensive “Life Quality Plan” that helps ensure seamless care and life quality across the lifespan.

The center was founded by Neil & Kristin Singh. After years of working as a psychologist in public schools with individuals with disabilities ages 14-22, Kristin developed a passion for helping students with “transition skills”- job skills, career exploration, post-high school education, recreation- all the things that reach beyond the traditional high school experience and into adulthood. For many individuals with disabilities, however, access to services and support significantly declines after they leave the school system. While schools do their best to provide students with transition skills and life skills in the time they have, there remains a strong need for additional support and guidance beyond age 22.

For Kristin, it is vitally important for families to plan far, far ahead in order to provide for the care and safety of their children- beyond the point when parents are no longer able to care for their adult children. Understandably, this can be an extremely difficult conversation to have: “Who will care for your child, if you are no longer able to? Who else knows what their favorite flavor of ice cream is, or what their bedtime routine is, or the special way your family has of celebrating birthdays? Who knows what medicines your child needs, and who will make sure they’re taking them if not you?” As a school employee, Kristin wasn’t often able to bring up these concerns. Thus, in an effort to help families with planning for the next phase of their child’s life, The North County Quality of Life Center came into being.

As a husband and wife team, Kristin and Neil found a way to combine their unique backgrounds and expertise to create a comprehensive service: “Neil has worked with families as a Special Needs Advocate,” Kristin explained. “Neil’s legal knowledge is extremely valuable when working with families who may need to file for conservatorship, create special needs trusts, deal with SSI, etc. And with my background as a psychologist in special education, I have knowledge of and experience with a wide range of disabilities, and am able to help families navigate the school system and link them to other community-based organizations.”

While their clients range from individuals with ADHD or mild learning disabilities to those with developmental disabilities, brain injury, cerebral palsy, or autism, they’re finding that this type of planning is good for all families- whether there is a disability or not. For more information about the North County Quality of life Center, visit http://www.ncqualityoflife.com/. You can also contact the center by calling (760) 473-2683 or e-mailing info@ncqualityoflife.com.


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