The arts and Prop J

October 2, 2010


Please join artists in supporting Prop J:

  • Arts education in San Diego Schools is threatened by State budget cuts.
  • Prop J ensures its future by providing new funding that Sacramento cannot take away.
  • The School Board has prioritized arts education and there is an effective department to support it.
  • Arts education is essential to quality education, and eliminating it hurts less-affluent kids the most.

Neighborhood School Funding Sacramento can NOT Take Away!

Why is Arts Education Essential?
A quality education includes creativity and the arts. Students who participate in the arts perform better academically, are more likely to graduate, are more employable, and are more tolerant of diversity. Arts education is mandated by California law and is an entrance requirement for the University of California and California State University.

What’s the Threat to Arts Education? 
Contrary to popular misconceptions, San Diego public schools do have strong arts education and an effective, award-winning Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Department. However, without the dedicated funding provided by Prop J, this department will almost certainly be cut. Less-affluent students, and those whose first language is not English, will lose the most. The School Board and the Superintendent strongly favor arts education—Prop J will make it possible to keep it.

What’s the Threat for the Arts Community?
Arts organizations and artists in San Diego now provide a substantial amount of arts education in the schools at their own expense. Without Prop J, District administrative support for these programs will disappear and it will be much harder to work with schools and to reach students. The VAPA Department capacity to ensure quality arts education, built over decades, will be lost.

How Can I Help?
Volunteer: You can phone bank with other arts education supporters. Calls to voters in key areas of the District are critical to winning.

Donate: Your personal contribution in any amount helps finance essential campaign costs. This campaign is volunteer-driven but still requires a modest budget.

Spread the word in favor of Prop J: Tell a friend and create buzz around this important proposition.

And Vote yes on Prop J on November 2!

For More Info:
David Plettner-Saunders    213-500-6692


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