aftermath of prop J

November 16, 2010

Prop J, the parcel tax to support public education, didn’t pass in our recent elections. It was very sad news to many of us in the arts who realize that arts education programs and curriculum are put in jeopardy without the added funds to our school system. However, the following notes from Larry Remer of The Primacy Group made us realize that while we lost on this proposition, we learned that more than a majority of voters do in fact believe in and support our public schools:

 When the dust clears, I fully expect Pro. J will receive about 51% of the vote. There are still 60,000 late Absentees to be counted; and those voters typically mirror Election Day voters. Yes on J received 52.5% of the vote on Election Day and 46.5% in the “early” Absentees

 It’s not 2/3rds, but it’s still a pretty remarkable showing, given the political climate.

 Were we in a world where the majority rules, we would have won and our schools would have some very badly needed funds to help cope with next year’s budget shortfall.

 But, as we look at the overwhelming defeat of virtually every tax measure on the ballot, we should be proud of our efforts on behalf of Prop. J:
–  the city’s Prop. D was badly defeated, despite broad support from business and labor;
– statewide, voters rejected a fee hike for parks, imposed a 2/3rds restriction on fee hikes, and even defeated a rollback of tax breaks for big corporations;

 We bucked all of those trends. More importantly, we stood tall for ALL of our public schools (Non-Charter and Charter).

 keep on keeping on…


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