November 20, 2010

Today was the annual strategic planning meeting at Mo`olelo, when the Board of Trustees gather with staff and review our 2010 accomplishments, identify opportunities for 2011 and beyond, visualize the future, and create action plans … all facilitated by organization development specialist Michelle Wheelock, who is also on the Mo`olelo Advisory Board.

As always, it was an inspirational day because of these inspirational folks:

The 2011 Mo`olelo Board is: Garry Prather (President), Ilene Hubbs (Secretary), Jake Freifeld (Treasurer), Desiree Bruce-Lyle, Susan deRose, Elaine Hiel, Freda Statom, and Alison Whitelaw.

Two 2010 Board Members who are terming off at the end of this year, and who contributed so much to the success of this Company are: Kristin Singh and Kay Chandler.

Mahalo for all your inspiration!


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