Stick Fly Photo Shoot

November 20, 2010

We are hard at work developing the visual identity for our production of STICK FLY by Lydia R. Diamond, which will run Feb 23 – March 20, 2011.

Step One: Our amazing graphic designer, Lisa Huppert of Studio L, reads the script then meets with our fabulous director, Robert Barry Fleming, and they discuss ideas for the design.

Step Two: Lisa sketches up a bunch of options, which Robert reviews and through conversations they narrow it down to a particular direction.

Step Three: Photo Shoot!
The direction decided on for this show was to shoot four of the actors at Coronado beach (evoking the beach at Martha’s Vineyard, which is where STICK FLY takes place) and positioned in relationship that captures the essence of the dynamics between the characters. We brought on photographer extraordinaire Crissy Pascual and headed to the beach with actors Lorene Chesley, Larry Herron, Elizabeth M. Kelly, and Diona Reasonover:

Behind the scenes STICK FLY photoshoot, photo by Crissy Pasqual

 Here’s (to the left) Director Robert Barry Fleming discussing the shot with the actors, with graphic designer Lisa Huppert graciously serving as lighting assistant…

and here’s (below) one of the shots captured that day… stay tuned for the final product!

(LtoR) Larry Herron, Lorene Chesley, Elizabeth M. Kelly, Diona Reasonover, photo by Crissy Pasqual


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