a piece of pie

December 9, 2010

Analysts report government funding for the arts is down while more nonprofits are vying for a piece of the ever-shrinking pie.

However, demand for a piece of Mo`olelo pie is growing!

More schools want to participate in our free Three Part Arts Program and more communities and nontraditional arts audiences wish to be engaged. Even with sold out performances of self (the remix) and Yellow Face, ticket sales never cover all the costs of bringing our programs to the community.

So we must bake more pie.

Will you help us with a little dough?

A contribution of any size will help meet our goal: 
To raise $20,000 more in 2010 to manage remaining annual expenses and position Mo`olelo for a strong start in 2011.

Please visit the fundraising information on our website and consider baking a piece of pie through a tax-deductible contribution to Mo`olelo.

Mahalo for your support,

Seema Sueko, Co-Founder & Executive Artistic Director

Garry Prather, President, Board of Trustees

p.s. consider making scheduled monthly donations – a little piece of pie each month!


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