good actors make good advocates

January 19, 2011

Denise Montgomery, Curator of the Advocacy section of the National Performing Arts Convention website, interviewed Mo`olelo’s Artistic Director, Seema Sueko, about her arts advocacy work. You can read the full interview here:

How the Qualities that Make a Good Actor Also Make an Effective Arts Advocate

Think you are too busy to be involved in arts advocacy…or that your organization is too small…or perhaps you are just not sure where to start.

Read on, and feel empowered by one among us who is making it happen.

Interview with Arts Advocate Seema Sueko of Mo`olelo Performing Arts

Seema Sueko is the Co-Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company based in San Diego, California. Sueko is a leader in the San Diego cultural community and is active with the San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition. She has been engaged in a range of advocacy activities including speaking recently on public radio to discuss potential arts and culture budget cuts, commenting in the blogosphere and online media about advocacy issues, testifying before City Council, and meeting with candidates for elected office. 

read the interview here:


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