SILA in Montreal

January 22, 2011

In 2009, Mo`olelo commissioned playwright Chantal Bilodeau to write a play that explores the intersection of race, class and the environment.  The result was SILA, a poetic and haunting piece that shines a light on climate change in the Canadian Arctic and the competing interests of the Inuit peoples, governments, and scientists.

Thanks to Emma Tibaldo, Artistic Director of Playwrights Workshop Montreal (PWM), Chantal and Mo`olelo’s Artistic Director Seema Sueko were invited to do a two day workshop of the play with a multilingual cast at PWM.

Chantal Bilodeau with Emma Tibaldo

SILA incorporates three languages: English, French and Inuktitut. The talented PWM cast were:
Leni Parker: Leanna
Chip Chuipka: Thomas
Pier Paquette: Jean
Carlo Mestroni: Raphael
Taqralik Partridge: Veronica and mama
Laurencio Arnastiaq: Kavageegai
Saimata Manning: Daughter and Nuliajuk
Jennifer Morehouse: Stage Directions (And Mama and Veronica on 1/24)
Amanda Kellock: Stage Directions on 1/24

Some of the PWM SILA Cast: Chip, Jennifer, Laurencio, Leni, Chantal, Carlo, et Pier

It was extremely valuable to hear the French, English and Inuktitut at this workshop. Actors Taqralik, Laurencio and Saimata also demontrated Inuit throat singing and offered valuable insight into Inuit perspectives and the variety of Inuktitut dialects.

Merci beaucoup, Emma, Sam, Laurencio, Taqralik, Carlo, Leni, Pier, Chip, Jennifer, et Amanda!


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