community art installation: am i enough?

February 10, 2011

by Jodi Tucci-Brisebois

by Jodi Tucci-Brisebois

When you come to see Stick Fly at The 10th Avenue Theatre, please give yourself enough time to check out the concurrent art show, Pathways Home, Curated by Gerald Montoya, taking place in the lobby and second floor gallery of the building. The show will feature work by Diane Johnson, Jana Sanchez, Theresa K. Wear, and a community art installation conceived piece by Jodi Tucci-Brisebois and featuring work by YOU! Here are the details:

Am I Enough?
a community installation art piece

When I think how deeply American culture is informed by the l historical commoditization of all our humanity through the institution of slavery, the comical and not so comical compromises of integrity displayed by some of the characters in STICK FLY never overshadowed my admiration for them. The heroic resilience it takes to just keep trying in such a cultural landscape make the blatant gaps of empathy, narcissistic seeking of self-interest and the verbal sparring colored by a ravenous hunger for socio-economic dominance pale. They’re just reflections of how we all collectively navigate a terrain that generally holds our literal worth in greater esteem than the integrity of our character. The overachieving, the overcompensating the intellectualizing of feeling states seemed inevitably linked to the underlying thematic questions of “am I enough? am I too much?”  or like Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man ” am I even seen?” 
– Robert Barry Fleming, Director of Stick Fly

Come share your voice.  Throughout the run of the play, Stick Fly, Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company and 10th Avenue Arts Center invite the audiences to participate in a community art installation project.  Share a piece of your own questioning and ideas to create a visual mosaic about one of the themes in the play.

In a convergence of performing & visual arts, the installation is a framework for discourse.  The performance and the curated show become a single experience.  Each viewer can add to the collection of assembled pieces.  The work evolves and florishes through collaboration.

You are invited to create a living testament to the question about “enough.”

In the play, we learn about the “brown paper bag test.”  The “canvas” of the community art installation wall will be comprised of paper bags, an item that to some is innocuous and to others represents a legacy of exclusion, thus providing a landscape upon which the audiences’ diverse perspectives and experiences are woven into a collective art piece. 

Please feel free to contribute poems, quotes, stories or draw on the paper provided and add it directly to the wall.  We cannot return any material once it becomes part of the installation piece.

Jodi Tucci (yes, she is really Italian) Brisebois, installation artist, received her degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.  In Vienna, she had a solo show at Projektwerkstatt-SOHO.  In San Diego, her public art includes Adam’s Avenue Banners with The Commission for Arts & Culture.  She designed the set and installation for Mo’olelo’s, The Adoption Project: Triad.  Her work as an artist/educator was featured in Personal Visions, at The Museum of Photographic Arts.  She is nationally published in the textbooks, Art: A Community Connection and Theatre; Art In Action.


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