The talent at SCPA

March 23, 2011

Mo`olelo had the opportunity to work with students from the San Diego School for the Creative and Performing Arts as part of our Three Part Arts education program for Stick Fly, funded by Qualcomm, Inc.

For Part 3 of the program, we asked the students to write a next scene for the play. It could take place directly after the last scene of the play or years later. The students wrote wonderfully creative and insightful pieces… in only 10 minutes!! Here are just a couple of their pieces. Huge kudos to all the students, faculty and staff at SCPA!

By Danielle Levin:
Joe walks back into the house, 5 months later for Christmas vacation. Mrs. LeVay is walking on the beach outside. Cheryl is stocking the cabinets and starting the coffee. There is an undecorated Christmas tree in the corner.  Mrs.LeVay comes in.

MRS LEVAY: Joe, be a darling and go fetch our bags and set them in the room.

She enters the kitchen. Cheryl and Mrs.LeVay see each other and share an awkward face off. This is the first time they have seen each other since the news came out.

By Anita Lewis:
MS ELLIE: We need to talk about this Mrs. LeVay.
MRS LEVAY: I don’t wana talk to you right now Ellie.
MS ELLIE: Look, I’m sorry okay. I never meant for you to be hurt like this I really —
MRS LEVAY: ELLIE! Just stop okay, stop apologizing. I hear “I’m sorry” everyday Ellie, so unless you wanna make things clear to me, I think you need to leave.
MS ELLIE: (Sees the hurt)  Mrs.LeVay I —
MRS LEVAY: Save it, it’s okay. This is what I get for marrying one of the most respected neurosurgeons of our time. You know, I always wondered what he saw when he looked at you, or that baby girl. I told myself what a generous man I married, no one would ever think to send their maid’s daughter to  one of the best schools in the country. He was being a Father to that child, and here I was thinking he was just being generous… Look Ellie, it’s getting late. you should get to bed.

By William Corkery:
At Joseph LeVay’s funeral.
FLIP: Hey Kent. (Kent slightly nods to Flip). So I heard you’re a best seller.
KENT: Can we not? Just today don’t mess with me.
FLIP: Mess with you? I’m just asking about your life man.
KENT: I know you’re only asking because I’m a writer. I’m not a real man to you.
FLIP: Sorry.
Kent is taken aback.
KENT: Sorry?
FLIP: Yeah. I just don’t feel like fighting at dad’s funeral.
KENT: Where’s Kimber?
FLIP: She’s in the car. She said the rain will… defrizz her hair or some shit like that. Where’s Taylor?
KENT: She’s in the Amazon catching a new type of fly…My book’s doing well.

They stand there in silence as lights fade to black.


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