A Few Words From Emily The Intern

May 27, 2011

An internship is a spectacular way to learn what it takes to work in the real world. You have the opportunity to learn things like how to make a professional phone call, or construct an email that is going to be seen by your colleagues, or simply how to present yourself in a professional manner. These are the types of things that are exceptionally important for everyone to know, but they are also the things that can’t be taught in school. That’s why my high school, High Tech High, requires that all students complete an internship. I have been lucky enough to land an internship with Seema at Mo`olelo.

In the recent weeks you may have seen me at the reading of Sila, where I had the opportunity to read stage directions and help run the pre-show reception. I also got to attend a City Council meeting where I had a chance to speak in front of the council about how Shakespeare and the arts have helped shape me in the critical years of my youth. And of course, I’ve also been seen roaming around the Tenth Avenue Theatre where the Mo`olelo office is located, doing everything from working on the company’s database, helping with auditions, and hunting down vacuums. I’ve seen the entire spectrum of things it takes to run a successful theatre company. I’ve been able to dabble in the creative parts, learn about the administrative aspects, and involve myself in the activism and outreach needed to help keep the entire arts community on its feet.

One of the most important things my internship has done for me, is helped me to realize how much I adore the performing arts. This confidence in my passion has helped me to plan out my future, and I am happy to announce that I will be attending Centre College in the fall, where I am set to major in the dramatic arts.

Sadly, my internship will be coming to an end in the upcoming weeks. But I will always remember the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with here at Mo`olelo, and will never forget the important lessons I’ve learned as an intern.



One Response to “A Few Words From Emily The Intern”

  1. […] special thanks to our amazing intern, Emily Nuthall, for escorting me all the way up to 10th Avenue Theatre’s rooftop to take my blog picture […]

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