What if….

June 20, 2011

This past June 16 – 18, Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national association for nonprofit theater companies across the United States, held its annual conference and celebrated its 50th anniversary in Los Angeles. Mo`olelo is a member of TCG, and our Artistic Director Seema Sueko participated in the conference alongside 1,100 other theater practitioners from across the country.

Speakers included Mona Eltahawy, Todd London, David Houle, and Julie Taymor. Breakout sessions focused on everything from “Delving Beneath Surface Diversity,” to “A Director’s Life: Creative Development and Renewal,” to exploring new marketing and outreach strategies, and many, many more.

The biggest take-away Sueko had from all the discussions is: Mo`olelo is on the right track. We have developed a unique method of engaging new audiences and communities through our consensus organizing strategies… we’re leading the pack with our greening work… diversity is a core competency of Mo`olelo… our audiences are growing…. and we’re adaptable, resilient, and highly collaborative — three traits Futurist David Houle noted are critical to any business in The Shift Age.

Check out the TCG Blog for more on the conference.


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