Matching Challenge Update

July 21, 2011

The Mo`olelo Board of Trustees issued a matching challenge.

For every unrestricted dollar we can raise from individuals, they will donate another up to $10,500. We are almost at our goal and we have the following people to thank for their donations or pledges.

Krista Berry
Ava & Sunil Bhavsar
Gordon Brodfuehrer
Sherrie Brown
Larry & Sydney Cousins
Jan Gist
Sue Guzik
Charles Handley
Elizabeth Hansen & Rick Adams
Patricia & David Hazlett
David Katz & Lee Katman
Lanning Lee
Myla Lichtman-Fields
Patricia McTague
Kimberly Miller
Patricia Miyahara
Joan L. Nelson
Marion Nobel
Jack & Judy Oatman
Marc Overton
Maria & Joe Penny
William Pogue
Anne & Bob Rast
Christina Rathbun
Stuart & Linda Robinson
Jay & Julie Sarno
Steve Selwyn
Kristin & Neil Singh
Janet Smarr
Clifford & Kay Sweet
Nancy Taylor
Phoebe Telser
Arthur & Molli Wagner
Nancy Downen Wexler
Frederick Walker & Katherine Sheehan
Ellen Yaffa
Mary & Alan Yoshimoto
Candace & Roy Young-Schult
Humberto Yznaga & Janet Black-Yznaga

We have only $2,630 left to raise. There are three ways you may donate to help us meet this challenge:

1) Click here to make a donation online using Paypal

2) Call 619-342-7395 to donate with a credit card over the phone.

3) Or mail a check to:

PO Box710564
San Diego, CA 92171-0564

Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Mahalo for your support!


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