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April 4, 2008

Green Mo`olelo on NBC San Diego 

NBC San Diego’s Greg Bledsoe interviewed Mo`olelo Artistic Director Seema Sueko and Scenic Designer David F. Weiner about the green elements of Permanent Collection. The story aired on April 3, during the 4:30 p.m. newscast. You can check it out on the NBC website here:


Theater Company Goes Green

When it comes to improving the environment, there are a lot of little things we all can do. One small company is hoping to make a big difference by putting on green performances.



March 26, 2008

We love hearing feedback from our audiences…. Here’s what some of them wrote about Permanent Collection: 

[The play] did more to illuminate the core of why the concept of diversity can not only address the negatives of racism but how it might be explored creatively, positively and through the eyes of the general Arts community.

“I saw Permanent Collection last night…Some of the play I liked a lot. Some made me want to scream. That of course was the dialog with which I disagreed, a lot. But then, as the play suggested, I reckoned that was part of the purpose of the play – to see things, at least for a few moments, through the eyes of others. I think that makes for a really provocative evening at the theater. You and Mo`olelo do good work.”


Loved it! Strong, dynamic and diverse opinions spawned great communication! 

Great pre-show workshop – also gets kids opportunity to “care” about future production – meeting director is special.

If you have feedback, send it on over. We’d love to read it.


 Post Permanent Collection Aftermath…Say, anyone want a piece of fake African art?

Mahalo to all of you who made Permanent Collection a smashing success! We are thrilled to have had half of our shows sold out for this compelling drama. We must thank the playwright Thomas Gibbons for writing this play as it was a timely opportunity to explore the racial situation in this country in a way that is rarely brought to the stage.

The experience of promoting Permanent Collection was truly remarkable. We had the unique opportunity to share the experience of Permanent Collection with members of the ACLU, National Conflict Resolution Center, Sudanese Refugee Network, the Executive Staff of the San Diego Museum of Art, and many other guests.

Here are the final numbers…read ’em and weap!  

1,800 Reservations

427 middle and high school students reached

108 individual donors supporting the show

30 volunteer ushers

10 sold out performances

10 paintings hung in the ARTE NEGRO exhibit (1 sold!)

7 actors and stage managers paid Equity wages

1.5 administrative staff (.5- Hey, that’s me!)

It took us five days to load-in lights, sound, costumes and set into 10th Avenue Theatre… and only three hours to load out!

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes coverage of our next production of …Night Sky

San Diego Magazine Link

March 11, 2008

More press!

Permanent Collection is the lead story in Don Braunagel’s column in the March 2008 San Diego Magazine. You can find it here:

Diversity Workshop

March 11, 2008

Diversity 1The weekend was fabulous. There were tons of groups in the house. Thank you to Professor Farrell Foreman of San Diego City College and his students, The Humanistic Jewish Congregation, Roteract,  and a very special thanks to the Commission for Arts and Culture. Permanent Collection set the stage for a Diversity Workshop in which real life issues race, politics, and conflict resolution were discussed.

March 4, 2008

ACLU’s Kevin Keenan

 On Sunday, March 2, we held a post-show discussion with ACLU Executive Director Kevin Keenan about issues of racial descrimination, civil rights, and the legal issues brought about by Permanent Collection. We thank Mr. Keenan, and all who came to the show from the the ACLU.

Panel- March 1

Last night, those who attended, had the pleasure of hearing the perspectives of museum curation, editorial ethics, and the historical imporatance of art from our three distinguished panelists: Robert Pincus (Art Critic from the Union Tribune), Derrick Cartwright (Executive Director of San Diego Museum of Art), and Vas Prabhu (Deputy Director of Education at the San Diego Museum oF Art). The discussion was facilitated by our very own Seema, and was very well attended and much appreciated! Thanks to our guests! See Mr. Pincus’s article in today’s tribune for a glimpse of what was discussed last night. If you don’t read the paper…you can download it here! tribune-pincus.pdf

“On the surface, the play is framed as a head-to-head confrontation between two obstinate, mulish men, with a couple of women caught in between. But the underlying themes involve art, race, media and multiculturalism…” Read on here…

City Beat Mention

February 28, 2008

Hey everyone, pick up the new City Beat. We are featured as a pick for the week. If you don’t live near an outlet (like me), check out the website

I just love good press!

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