The San Diego Foundation just posted their newest grant program online. Find the details here:
The Creative Catalyst Fund Individual Artist Fellowship Program (CCF).

Carefully read through all of the grant guidelines and be sure you understand the multi-step application process, the goals of the program, and the program requirements to determine whether you should apply.

IF you are interested in identifying Mo`olelo as one of your three possible sponsoring nonprofit organizations, we encourage you to first contact us to explore whether your project is the right match for Mo`olelo. We anticipate that this program through The San Diego Foundation will be highly competitive.  Artists and their sponsoring nonprofits will need to be sure they are presenting their best possible project and that they are the best possible match.

To contact Mo`olelo about this, please email Executive Artistic Director Seema Sueko at Type “CCF Inquiry” in the subject line. Include the following in the body of your message:

– An intro paragraph about who you are, your background as an artist
– A paragraph about the project you are envisioning for the CCF program and why you think Mo`olelo is the right match for you. 

Even if you have worked with Mo`olelo in the past, or if you have a personal relationship with Seema, please do not take short cuts with the above-described inquiry. Approach this process professionally.

Please allow up to three days for Seema to respond.

Good luck, Artists! We are excited about this pilot grant opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.