ECOBAGS® are here!

August 6, 2008

Night Sky Associate Producer Shera with her Mo`olelo Eco-Bag

Night Sky Associate Producer Shera with her Mo`olelo ECOBAGS®


For the past couple years, we would sell Mo`olelo t-shirts at our productions. It was a great way for us to raise more funds to support our operations and spread the word about the Company. As our supply of t-shirts dwindled, we began to explore what we could sell instead that would be more in alignment with our greening initiative. The Board unanimously approved the idea of a canvas bag and assigned Board member Caroline McKoen to research vendors, printers and supplies to determine what would make a ‘green bag’ truly ‘green.’ She spent a month and a half diligently investigating this. She looked at the source of the bag (where did it come from?); what was it made of (organic cotton, grown under fair-trade conditions or recycled scrap fabric, sweatshop free?); how were the bags transported to the printer (by ship? by air? by truck?); how were the bags printed and what kind of ink was used (water-based?); how much do the bags cost?; and what kind of philosophy and customer service did the vendor offer?

In the end, we selected a 100% certified organic cotton bag from ECOBAGS® ( It is 19″ wide, 15.5″ tall, 5″ bottom gusset with 22″ handles. The cotton is grown under fair trade certification with growing and factory conditions inspected. The bags were shipped from India, then printed with water-based inks by ECOBAGS®. They were then shipped via UPS to Mo`olelo’s office.

They cost Mo`olelo $6.78 each, and we are selling them for $10 each. You can buy one at the show, Night Sky. If you can’t wait until then and would like to get your paws on one of these as soon as possible, call the office 619-342-7395 and schedule a time to swing by and shop.


You can read more about Mo`olelo and ECOBAGS® here: