August 2, 2008

GoLoco – Traveling green to Night Sky


You may have heard about our $5 discount for traveling green to Mo`olelo.  We now have a tool that makes it really easy to connect with other theater goers to share the ride to Mo`olelo.  GoLoco is a website that uses an ingenious system of web-based alerts to let you know when friends and other theatre patrons (new friends!) are going your way. The easiest way to use GoLoco is to sign up and post a trip.  You can go further though and form a network of friends and create groups that alert you when others are going your way.  There are many privacy settings on the site so that you can control who sees your trips.

To sign up for the Mo`olelo/ San Diego Theater Group visit:  http://goloco.org/groups/2682 

Post your trips to the group and get email alerts when others are carpooling to Mo`olelo.